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Rules and Requirements

Section 1: Legal Stuff & Safety Stuff

1.  All equines brought to the show must have evidence of current rabies vaccination and evidence of a current negative test for Equine Infectious Anemia (Coggins test). This includes any animals brought to the show, even if the animal is not entered.

2.  A Release of Liability, on the form provided, must be executed and on file for each participant. For minor participants, the Release must be executed by the minor's parent or legal guardian.  This Release of Liability must be executed before taking part in any mounted activity, including warming up.

3.  All PeeWee and all Youth riders will be required to wear SEI or ASTM approved helmets at all times while mounted.

4.  Management reserves the right to terminate participation, in either a particular event or in the entire show, for any entrant whose actions create an unsafe condition for either themselves or for others.  This includes, but is not limited to, the participant's inability to safely control his or her mount.

5.  No alcoholic beverages will be allowed on the property during the Gymkhana.

.  Proper footwear with heels and smooth soles will be required. Sneakers will not be allowed.

Section 2: Multiple Entries, Class Requirements, and Special PeeWee Requirements

7.  Riders with more than one mount:  A participant may ride more than one horse, provided that a separate entry fee is paid for each horse/rider combination. Ribbons will be awarded to multiple entries based on placement in each individual event.  Champion and Reserve Champion awards, however, will only be made to one entry for a rider with multiple entries.  The rider must specify, at registration, which mount should receive points toward the Champion or Reserve Champion awards.

8.  Not more than two riders may use any one horse in the same class.  Separate entry fees must be paid for each horse/rider combination.

9.  Riders 40 years old and older may ride in either the Senior or Adult Classes.  A horse/rider combination may not ride in more than one class. Peewee riders and Youth riders may "ride up".  Riders under 10 may ride in the Youth class, and Youth age riders may ride in the Adult class.

10.  Competent PeeWee riders may be allowed to ride in the Pairs event and/or the Jackpot event only with the agreement of both the Event Manager and the rider’s Parent or Guardian.  PeeWee rider’s parent or guardian will need to meet with Frank prior to the start of the event to confirm.

Section 3: Event Related Stuff

11.  Participants must enter the ring mounted.

12.  A 5-second penalty will be assessed for the first obstacle knocked down.  Disqualification for the second obstacle knocked down.  It is permissible to support or to steady an obstacle with hands or feet during the course of a run.  For speed events such as Ball & Chain, or Spear the Ring, all objects must be collected and held until the end of the run, or disqualification will result.   No penalty will be assessed.

13.  Except for the PeeWee class, deviation from the event pattern (retracing your path to correct the pattern, circling back to retrieve a missed object, etc.) will result in disqualification.  You may, and if you wish, are encouraged to, correct errors for the sake of schooling your mount, but the event will be scored as "no time".

14. In the event of a tie in points for either Champion or Reserve Champion awards, the tie will be broken based on placement in the Keyhole event.

Please Remember:
The goal here is for everyone to have fun and enjoy a day of good company and activity.  Ride to win, but ride to win safely.  A successful event is one in which everyone has fun and no one gets hurt!  Come out, have fun, and let's make sure everyone gets home safe and sound.

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