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Color Run Gymkhanas are organized and run by riders who are competitors themselves.


Bridget Chapko has been our Color Run Announcer since the 2007 season.  She has been competing in Gymkhana events since she was in her early teens.  Bridget is also the Horse Department Superintendent at the Schaghticoke Fair.  She is shown here in a Pole Bending event, on Richard.

Scott Keyes has been involved in Color Run Gymkhanas since the very first event in 2006.  He helps out mainly as our Ring Crew, but also works as back-up Announcer.  Shown here in the Ball and Chain event on his horse One-Eyed Jack, Scott has been a competitor for over 10 years.  In addition to Gymkhana competition, Scott has participated in (and won) Ultimate Cowboy races and Team Penning competitions.  He has started Team Roping recently, and has also experimented with Cowboy Mounted Shooting competition.

Scott is the driving force behind the development of the Color Run website.


This is Kathleen Alessandrini Riding Modoc in competition at Color Run.  Kathleen has been riding since she was 4 years old, and competing in Gymkhana since she was 12.  In addition to helping as a back-up Announcer and Scorekeeper, she also fills in as a member of the Ring Crew.

Photo By Cheryl A. Warren


Jennifer Margosian has been an avid rider since childhood.  Pictured here on her Appaloosa, Chip, she is relatively new to Gymkhana competition, having started about five years ago.  Jennifer has been a riding instructor for over fifteen years, and has participated in numerous Competitive Trail Rides and Endurance Races.  In addition to helping out as a member of our Ring Crew, she is also the unofficial Trail Ride Coordinator.


Frank Alessandrini, owner and operator of Color Run, started riding when he was 40 years old - in 1995.  In 1999, he partnered with Jackson, an 8 year old Paint Gelding with an attitude - and a desire to win.  The human-equine team of Adrenaline Junkies has been playing together ever since, competing in Gymkhana, learning some (a little) Dressage, playing Horse Soccer, and traveling countless miles of trails.  While both Jackson and his jockey are getting a little "long in the tooth", the attitude is still there.  Frank serves as Color Run's Event Organizer, Scorekeeper, and most important, Head Groundskeeper.  He also works as the Gymkhana Show Manager for the Schaghticoke Fair.

All photographs on this page, unless otherwise noted, are by Tom Stock at Stock Studios Photography in Saratoga Springs, NY.

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